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Breakers Bi - Weekly Training ($30 per month)

Breakers Bi weekly training o $30 per month / $180 per season o $20 drop in fee for additional days

Breakers Weekly Training ($60 per month)

Breakers weekly training o $60 per month / $360 per season o Access to the gym 7 days per week



SpeedStairs is well known for their high intensity, low impact training system, perfect for athletes looking to increase anaerobic capacity & strength with no harm to the body during training. In a 60 minute training session, athletes will perform: intense cardio, professionally guided weight lifting with dumbbells, body weight exercises, and sport specific movements. 

For 10 years, SpeedStairs has separated themselves from the training industry by eliminating heavy weight lifting entirely. Athletes who train regularly with SpeedStairs exhibit these three outcomes: lower non-contact injury rates, increased endurance, and higher resiliency during competition. 

SpeedStairs mimics the functional movement of hockey athletes with quick burst take offs followed by a glide afterwards. The increase in anaerobic endurance leads to extended shift time and higher quality of play late in the game.

SpeedStairs was invented by Collis Brown.  Collis has a B.S. in Physical Education K-12 with a concentration in Exercise Science from UMass Boston. He taught Physical Education and Health and Wellness for the town of Norwell. He also has experience in speed training and general health and wellness. Collis' coaching history includes hockey, football, basketball and lacrosse.

Nutrition Fact of the Week:


Cheesy Eggs and Ground Beef Skillet


Prep time- 5 minutes

Cook time- 10 minutes

Total- 15 minutes



2 eggs (156 calories, 14 grams protein)

4 oz. 80% hamburg (650 calories, 19 grams protein)

1 slice american cheese (104 calories, 5 grams protein)

Splash of milk



Scramble 2 eggs in a bowl. Add splash of milk and beat with a fork until mixed. Heat a skillet on medium and add hamburger. Cook until pink, then place on paper towel on plate to drain grease. Place hamburger back in skillet. Pour egg into skillet, and cook until eggs are done and hamburger is mixed. Turn heat off, add slice of cheese on top, and allow cheese to melt before eating.


Total Calories 910

Total Protein 38 grams  



Exercise of the week:

Always warm up with light jog for 2 to 3 minutes and stretch quadriceps, hamstrings, groin, hips.


Fall Take Offs:

In a standing position with feet together, slowly fall forward to about 45 degrees. Engage arms and hands in violent pendulum arm swing, drive knees to chest, and sprint 10 yards. Decelerate. Turn and repeat opposite direction. After 5 reps, perform as many inside push ups as possible with good form, and finish with 20 crunches. Repeat 5 fall take offs, push ups and crunches.


Cool Down:

Karaoke 10 yards, 4 times, as well as push ups and crunches.